The debate about what SAT prep is best has been going on for some time now. The SAT is the most important standardized test for students to achieve admittance into the best universities in the country. The test is crucial to college admissions, and a stellar academic history and a personal statement, and letters of recommendation from teachers and professors are required before any student can even apply for admission to any of the thousands of top colleges across the nation. Therefore, students must spend the necessary time and effort to prepare for this important standardized test by The Princeton Review.

Prestigious Universities

There are many different ways to prepare for the SAT. The most obvious is taking the SAT prep courses at prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. The costs for these classes can be high, so it is essential to do your homework and research the prospective schools before committing to one. There are also local community colleges that offer SAT prep courses in the spring, giving you an edge on the competition. Of course, if you cannot afford these tuition costs, there are always free or inexpensive options.

Lectures & Practice Tests

There are a few different options in terms of the actual content covered in the SAT prep courses. For instance, one of the most popular packages will have an entire semester of lectures and practice tests with a set of practice exam questions. The core courses are usually all covered in the first semester, though additional courses like the Introduction to Psychology and the College Algebra may be needed later. The important thing is that the student knows beforehand what they need to know.

Verbal Portion

The actual SAT exam is provided by the College Board and is comprised of two different tests. The first is the verbal portion, which consists of a few short questions about your writing and understanding of the English language. The second is the math portion, which comprises three sets of questions that all revolve around essential math topics. You have quite a bit of time to prepare for these tests, so it is essential to devote as much time as possible to prepare. The SAT prep course that you choose should cover these tests.

The next step is to consider how the class will impact your SAT scores. You will want to look at the times for each class, which courses have the most significant difficulty and the average number of students taking the course. All of this information is important for helping you to decide which course is the best choice to help you attain your goals.

Reading or Writing Skills

Is an SAT prep course focused on answering general questions the best course for getting into college? The answer is not necessarily. The SAT isn’t testing your reading or writing skills but your ability to take tests in various situations. It doesn’t matter how well you do in math class if you can’t do well in an actual exam. Preparing for a test requires you to study various situations that could arise, so it is essential to find a course that includes questions that cover these situations. The correct course will give you an increased understanding of the thinking behind the exam, which can help you in many other areas of your life.

The last thing you should consider is whether you need to take the SAT only once. There are many different reasons why students might want to take the SAT only once. The first reason is so they can get into the school of their dreams. By taking the SAT multiple times, you can get a better shot at getting into the school you’ve always dreamed of going to. The other reason may be to take the SAT to improve one’s chance at a high-paying career after graduating from college.


When it comes down to which SAT prep course is best, it depends on what you want out of the class. If you only want to do well on the math portion of the SAT, find a math course. If you want to get into a specific career like law or medicine, find a course section that covers that subject. The only way to know what you need to study is to research your options and find a course that fits your specific needs. Once you have found the right course, you’ll be well on your way to a better test-taking experience.


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