Which Is The Best Organic Tea Brand?

Which Is The Best Organic Tea Brand?

Finding the best organic tea brand can be confusing. Many companies claim to be “organic” when they’re really not. The only way you’ll truly know for sure is to read the label and make sure the tea you buy contains only organically grown plants. You might also check out what the company’s website says about its commitment to “green” business. However, if there’s a tea you like at a reasonable price, it doesn’t matter much which company manufactured it.

What is Organic Tea Ingredients

There are plenty of good organic tea brands on the market today. Most companies are pretty transparent in their claims about what organic tea ingredients they use. If it mentions along, it might not be 100% organic, but it’s definitely organic tea. If you see a list of ingredients like steamed green tea, ginseng, mulberry, or springwater, then it most likely is organic. Just make sure the plant has been grown in a certified organic Chinese tea supplier.

What is Specialized Blends

But how do you know which teas will be healthy for you? There are many types of tea, and many different blends. You can go to your local supermarket or health food store and purchase whole leafy greens, compressed teas, herbal teas, and other specialized blends. Most of these products are whole foods that are healthier for you than the boxed teas you find in stores.

If you want the most organic tea possible, look for organically grown tea leaves and buds. You can purchase loose leaf green teas online and have them shipped directly to you. If you live in an area where it is hard to get these types of teas, you can find organic tea growers in your area by looking in the yellow pages under “tea”, “organic tea”, “organic herbs”, or “organic natural foods”. You can also check out your local gardening supply store or nursery.

Organic Tea Brands

What about organic tea bags? The tea used in tea bags is grown using pesticides and other chemicals that affect the taste and health of the tea. The organic tea brand you choose should use only non-chemical-growing methods to produce their teas. Some organic tea brands use organic growing mediums and completely chemical free growing and packaging methods. They also do not use soil like conventional growers.

The best quality organic teas go through a very long process before they reach the shelves of your local supermarket or health food store. First the small, hand picked buds and leaves are grown in the same garden as the crop you want to buy. Then the buds and leaves are carefully processed so no pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides (not even natural ones!) are used during their growth. Finally, the resulting product is sold as organic.

Loose Leaf Tea

So which is the best tea brand? Well, it depends on your taste preferences and what you want to accomplish. If you just want a simple cup of loose leaf tea then an organic style that uses natural growing mediums may be what you are looking for. Or maybe you enjoy a great deal of tea including black, green, and oolong teas. In that case, a tea with a fancy color and variety of leaves might be what you are looking for. And finally, if you drink flavored loose leaf tea then an organic variety may be what you are looking for, as organic tea comes in a variety of flavors such as herbal blackberry, lemon and others.


Finding the best organic tea brand really depends on your needs and tastes. But whatever brand you choose, you are making a great impact on your own health by choosing it. Tea is a natural health habit and it is good for your body. It is something that can be enjoyed every day without any negative after effects. So choose wisely.

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