What should I Learn First in Forex?

What should I Learn First in Forex?

What should I learn first in forex? This is the eternal question of every beginner in the Forex market. The truth is that learning the fundamentals of trading is always the best way to go. However, you will get better results and have a higher chance to make money faster when you combine learning with the right strategies. Most newbies are usually taken by surprise by how fast Trading Forex Live can change. It can indeed change rapidly over a matter of minutes, but it doesn’t mean that you can spend all day and night doing it. Most traders spend 90% of their time learning about the system and less about the market itself. Most of the time, they learn only about the basics of how to trade. This is the main reason why they suffer from frequent losses and are unable to make consistent profits.

How to Trade?          

The most important thing that you must first learn is how to trade. There is no point in getting so wrapped up in the technical stuff if you will not learn to develop your trading strategy. When you are trading currencies, you need to have a clear idea of which trend is most potent and weaker. This means that you need to learn how to identify the currency trend, strengths, and weaknesses. You will have to read many currency trading eBooks or attend some Forex training courses to learn this.

Basics of Money Management

Second, you should learn the basics of money management. You have to understand that the main reason you are going to trade currencies is to make some money. However, you do not want your loss to turn into bigger ones. It would help if you learned how to manage your risk so that you do not end up losing everything in the blink of an eye. It does not mean, though, that you should lose everything in a single trade. It would help if you learned to identify trends and patterns to develop a plan of action when it comes to trading and money management.

Forex News and Developments

Third, you should learn about forex news and developments. The information you get from the news is essential in the trading world. You will have constant updates on all sorts of events that affect the forex market. Learn about all of them so that you can gain information about upcoming trends. Without this information, you might as well be sitting in front of your computer with a calculator instead of learning how to trade the forex market.

How to use Technical Analysis?

Fourth, it would help if you learned how to use technical analysis and other tools. These tools can help you identify possible future trades that can be profitable for you. Learn to read the graphs and signals so that you can identify possible future movements in the currency market. This is also important in identifying news that affects currency prices.

Trends and Patterns

Fifth, you should also learn about trends and patterns. Trends are changes in the price over an extended period. Patterns are predictable patterns in the price of specific currencies. Use these patterns to start trading on the foreign exchange markets to make some money while you are still learning to trade.


Sixth, never rush when you are learning to trade. Learning to trade the forex market can take some time, so do it step by step. When you learn how to trade, you will have to develop your strategies for making money on each trade. Just make sure that you do not make trades based on intuition or fear. Wait until you have developed a solid strategy before you ever make an actual trade.

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