Acne can bring a lot of frustration. For a few, it appears to be that regardless of how much they wash their face, they can’t make the bumps disappear. 

Yet, there’s more bad news. The scars that acne and pimples leave behind, are hard to get rid of. Fortunately, modern acne scar treatments have made it possible to get rid of any type of acne scars, permanently.

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What are Acne Scars? 

When one squeezes the papules or pustules themselves, using hands, that gives enough reason for acne scars to develop and spread. Squeezing acne can be agonizing as well and if the nodules are deeply rooted, it can also result in bleeding. When a pimple is picked, the pus can spill around causing more contamination. Acne scars are broadly grouped into three types: 

Atrophic Scarring 

These look like small holes or depression in the skin like chickenpox scars. They form, primarily when skin can’t regenerate the tissue and causes imbalanced scarring. They are again subdivided into three categories: 

  • Ice pick 
  • Box car
  • Rolling 

Keloidal Scarring 

Keloids are mass of raised knotty tissue mass on the skin surface. They appear when the body produces excess collagen to heal severe acne. These keloids don’t disappear on their own. 

Hypertrophic Scarring 

These cutaneous scars are characterized by excessive stores of collagen at the acne site giving the appearance of a raised scar. These contain nerves and veins. The degree of the raise is lesser than keloids and is more than standard. It can form within 6 to about two months after an injury and they fade away by themselves. 

How Can Acne Scars be treated? 

Acne scars are permanent, however the intensity of the scarring can be reduced with the assistance of a dermatologist. The most well-known strategies for treating acne scars are: 

Surgical Techniques 

This treatment is suitable for both active and post-ace scars and involve procedures like: 

Punch excision: In this method, the doctor cuts the skin and eliminate the acne scars and after operating, stitches the skin. There are skin grafting techniques to treat scars involves cutting a little piece of skin from a different part of the body and is placed at the wound location. 

Subcision: It is known as subcutaneous incisional surgery and considered best for box-car scars. A hypodermic needle is embedded through the skin surface and the fibrotic strands of the scar are broken and new collagen is deposited. This improves the skin over the surface and the scar is healed. 

Resurfacing Techniques

Skin resurfacing are techniques that include chemical peeling, dermabrasion, or ablative laser reemerging, used to eliminate acne scars and many other skin problems. 

Tea peeling: Green tea concentrates can be applied on the acne site to help peel it off.

Salicylic acid peeling: This is alluded to as substance stripping strategy where compound arrangement, for example, salicylic corrosive is applied on the skin break out to strip it off. 

Microdermabrasion: This is a less intrusive method that can assist with eliminating depressed scars that lie level against the epidermis. 

Laser reemerging, fragmentary laser treatment, dermabrasion, carbon-di-oxide (co2) laser reemerging, and so on are other progressive treatments available to treat skin scars. 


Dermal fillers implantation lifts the depression brought about by acne scars. Dermal fillers are infused to stimulate collagen creation. Medical grade silicone is one of the prime dermal fillers used in treating acne scars. The safety of the dermal filler, however, rely upon the quality of the implantation used. 


Retinoid is an effective answer for treating skin that is prone to acne. Retinoid lessens the contamination and eliminates skin inflammation injuries alongside lightening up skin pigments. 

Antibiotics can also reduce the abundance of microbes and lessen redness. 

These are the effective treatments available for treating acne scars. If you are looking for a reliable dermatologist in Gatineau (Dermatologue Gatineau), you can always connect with us for receiving the best treatments. 


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