The question of the top 10 most expensive high heels in the world can be answered with a resounding yes. Yes, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Christian Dior, and Anne Hathaway have made the grade. These are the shoes you see walking down the red carpet at red carpet events or hosting gala dinners. If you are going to be in the limelight, make sure that your shoes give people an indication that you are prepared to be treated like royalty. With shoes like these Public Desire Promotional Code, who would want to mess with a posh, wealthy playboy?

Expensive High Heels

When thinking about expensive high heels, you might think only of those made by the wealthiest people in town. However, you can find shoes like these from top retailers online. You may be paying a little more for them, but you will not be spending so much in the end. Just because someone else charges more does not mean that you have to. You might find that you are looking at the bottom line regarding the quality of shoes.

One of the most expensive heels that you can buy is a Gucci Work Boot with a diamond-studded toe strap. They cost about $600. A Gucci Work Boot is considered a mid-heel and is very comfortable. It may be the most comfortable of all the Gucci boots. If you are going to be out and about, a pair of these is a must.

Gorgeous & Unique Heels

One of the most expensive shoes you can buy is a Gucci Herringbone Tribute to Piaf. The heel is one inch, and the shoes are black with pink insets. They cost about two thousand dollars. This is a gorgeous and unique, and expensive shoe. If you can afford to spend two thousand dollars on shoes, then you should buy these shoes.

High-Quality Debbie & Wingham Heels

These are two of the most expensive shoes that there are. The Debbie’s are eleven inches long, and the highest heel is thirty-seven inches. The Debbie’s have a soft leather upper, and there is a steel shank and elastic panel at the top of the shoes. There are only a few styles, and these are all high-quality Debbie Wingham heels.

Stuart Weitzman Animal Skin Boots

One of the most expensive high heels in the world is a pair of Stuart Weitzman Animal Skin boots. They are made of leather and have an elastic panel at the top of the foot. The shoe has exquisite filigree work at the heel and the sides. These are pretty expensive for such high quality, but if you can afford them, you will own a very comfortable pair of boots.

Another one of the tops most expensive heels in the world is a pair of Stuart Weitzman slippers. These slippers are also by Stuart Weitzman, and they are also some of the best slippers on the market. These slippers have large diamonds all over them, and they are also white. These slippers are made of genuine leather, and they also have suede on the outside. The inside of the slipper is lined with plush material and is also made of suede.

Final Words:

One of the most expensive heels in the world is a pair of Ritas. These slippers are a collaboration between Ritas International and Stuart Weitzman. This company specializes in making footwear of high quality, and there is no doubt that these slippers will be the best shoes in the world. There is a limited amount available for sale because these are handcrafted. There are only a few pairs available worldwide, so it will be worth your while to order online and make sure that you get your hands on them before anyone else does.


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