The 2010s is the golden era for vaping in Pakistan. With the vaping trend rising immensely in Pakistan, it is now easier than ever to purchase genuine products in a hassle-free process. The days of individually importing your desired vape and e-liquids are now over as almost all international brands supply their merchandise in southern Asia. 

Chase My Cloud is the new King of the vaping industry. Chase My Cloud pledges to provide the best quality product available, and at reasonable prices, so there is no reason to second guess your decision to visit our Outlet. 

With that being said, let us dive into the realm of E-liquids. Following are the three best Salt Nic flavours you can procure from Chase My Cloud.


Made from freshly plucked grapes from the vine, VGOD is here to improve your overall vaping experience throughout the day. To give the final touch, hints of sugary grapes are added, which burst into the market’s best blended grapy flavour. The VGOD Iced Purple Bomb will satisfy your taste buds like a pro. Infused with menthol, you will feel refreshed with every puff you take. The mixture of menthol and fresh grapes gives you the satisfaction you have long desired. Rest assured, you won’t be able to help yourself from indulging in this exquisite flavour. 

Nicotine strength: 25 mg or 50mg.

Quantity: 30 ml.


The Iced Berry Kiwi Salt by BLVK UNICORN PINK series is utter perfection. A perfectly balanced combination of tart kiwi and strawberries cooled with iced to cater to all your needs with ease. This flavour will surely remind you of the days when you used to relax by the pool with fresh fruit and all your friends and family by your side. Whenever you crave tropical cocktails, try this flavour, and you won’t regret it. BLVK named themselves after the concept of a Black Sheep and a unicorn. Unicorn being as majestic as it is, and combined with a Black sheep who tend to stand out.

Nicotine Strength: 35 mg or 50 mg.

Quantity: 30 ml.


The smoothness, the flavour richness, and everything else of this flavour are a solid ten out of ten. Naked 100 is known to provide the best vaping experience known to man. Providing the best flavours ever, Naked 100 excels at satisfying the European desire of their customers. If you also want to get a fulfilling European experience, try this flavour now. The Naked 100 Euro Gold is a mild-bodied tobacco flavour that will surely satisfy all those cravings. Rest assured, you will not miss out on the taste of your analogues anymore. 

Nicotine Strength: 35 mg.

Quantity: 30 ml.

Final Thoughts.
Studies suggest that vaping is substantially healthier than traditional smoking. Unlike cigarettes which are mostly offered in one flavour, with vaping, you can always transition between flavours. To sum things up, always consult with professionals before making your first purchase. At Chase My Cloud, you can get expert advice and the best quality e-liquids and vapes in Pakistan. For any further information, visit our store now.


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