Planning a trip to 21, the year when London hosts the Olympic Games, is not easy. This is because most people do not know the best places to travel in London. It is not even about the venue of the games – the venues are usually chosen depending on their commercial potential and the proximity to the events. However, the transportation network should not be forgotten. It can either make or break the trip. So, here are some of the best transportation networks that will be used by travelers when visiting the city in 2021.

Two Transportation Networks

Although it sounds like a strange combination, London’s Crossrail and the Jubilee Line are two transportation networks that can potentially miss your train when planning a trip in the future. Crossrail runs between Canary Wharf and London’s Victoria. The journey takes just under an hour and is mostly open during the night. Victoria is the main zone of the London Olympics, so Crossrail will be a definite miss if you are going for that.

Brixton and Clapham

When looking at places to travel in London in 2021, two locations immediately come to mind: Brixton and Clapham. These are two of the hottest locations in London, but they are also very close to major tourist destinations and cheap accommodation. A trip from the South Bank to Brixton takes only about fifteen minutes. It’s a nice way to spend the morning with friends and family. If you are going to Clapham, you can choose to ride the tube or walk there. Both take less than half an hour.

After an enjoyable morning, what about afternoons at the Kruger national park? The place is located in the suburb of regeneration, Kruger. Traveling from south London to Brixton takes just a few minutes. You can also hit the Park Road to go to South Bank and back.


D Zanetti’s Garden in Brixton is another location to consider when choosing the best place in 2021 to stay. The area is popular with artists and is a must visit for them. However, it is not always possible to book a luxury holiday rental there in the summer months. Danziger is the ideal alternative as it is open every day of the year, except for Christmas Day.

Cliffs and Grassy Hills

Traveling from South London to Danziger requires you to take the bus. However, the island is beautiful even without a public transport system. The island is characterized by cliffs and grassy hills. When visiting Danziger, it is recommended that you try the walking tour and the glass-bottom boat tour, which are both available year-round.

Some travelers may opt to embark beyond the Island of Daziana. They can visit Ghana, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Cape Town before finishing up at 2150. This is a significant place for Africa travelers because it offers a unique chance to view cultures from other cultures. For instance, journeying to Ghana will enable travelers to observe Shabab cultures and Yoruba music.

New Zealand Shores

Regardless, of which part of the New Zealand region you chose to embark upon, there is a perfect place to stay when you choose to visit the New Zealand shores. Each part of the island has its own charms. The Brits missed out on finding the most amazing places in the region, and instead they ended up with beautiful scenery, but now that they have in New Zealand, they can now miss all that and still have an unforgettable experience in one of the best British Virgin Islands resorts.

Queen Charlotte Sound

The Garden Route is a popular tourist attraction that offers accommodation options to those interested in staying at a B&B while traveling to and from their preferred destinations. This is a special route that goes through five picturesque resorts on Queen Charlotte Sound. When choosing a room, visitors can expect beautiful views of Lake Wakatipu and views of Mount Cook, which is located in the North Island. Guests also can enjoy the opportunity to experience the fresh air of the area. The Garden Route was chosen as one of the best British Virgin Islands resorts by Trip Advisor Traveler.

Cayman Islands of Grand Cayman

One of the main attractions of the region is the Cayman Islands, which makes the islands even more impressive. Visitors can begin their journey at the charming Cayman Islands of Grand Cayman. The island offers visitors wonderful views of the Caribbean sea, and even better is that the weather here is pleasant year round. During the winter months, visitors can enjoy sledding and other winter sports on Diamond Point, located on the northern tip of the island. A variety of hotels are available to stay in on a trip to the Maldives, including the chic and beautiful Diamond Reef hotel, which is the only all-inclusive, five star-rated hotels in the Maldives.


The Bermuda islands are another popular destination for travelers who plan to travel to Bermuda. This area boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and dramatic rock formations. The waters in Bermuda are a bit cold during the summer months, but they are warmer than many other temperate climates throughout the year. The beaches are beautiful all year around, and the waters offer excellent swimming opportunities. The Bermuda travel destination is chosen as one of the best places to travel in the world by Trip Advisor Traveler.


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