How To Make Your Green Tea Flavorful?

How To Make Your Green Tea Flavorful?

When it comes to green tea, you will find myriads of white label tea packaging. Green tea is the most revered beverage in most countries, especially those located in Asia, like China and Japan. Green tea is considered no less than an elixir of life, and it is the most common component in new health research and traditional medicine.

Over the years, green tea has demonstrated essential health benefits like weight loss and alleviation of potentially cancerous cells. Moreover, it is the chief source of amino acid l-theanine, which is an essential component that improves the quality of your sleep.

That said, green tea is notorious for its bitter flavor. Although this flavor appeases some taste buds, most people find it repelling. 

If the green tastes too bitter, either because you bred it incorrectly or used it after poorly storing it. Ideally, your green tea should taste nutty, vegetal, herbaceous, and grassy. To enjoy the optimal flavors of green tea, it is incumbent to pick high-quality leaves and have a command over water temperature.

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Flavors of Green Tea

The green tea flavor can significantly vary depending on the type you have picked. Since Japanese green tea is steamed during its production process, it has a nutty and vegetal taste. Most tea drinkers prefer this, so Japanese green tea is deemed the best green tea out there.

Another popular green tea is Matcha. It is lush green in color and is filled with a plethora of antioxidants. 

What makes Matcha so popular in the modern age is its uniquely rich and creamy texture. That is also why Matcha is consumed in the form of a latte. In addition to latte, there are other Matcha recipes which include a dash of cinnamon and tapioca pearls. 

Given the increasing benefits and popularity of Matcha, it is also the famous white label tea.

What does Matcha Taste like?

The taste of Matcha tea varies on the quality of leaves and their origin. 

Poor quality Matcha can brew into abysmally bitter tea, while high-quality Matcha can always give you a rich and nutty flavor. 

Ceremonial Matcha is characterized by umami flavor, and many people even find it a bit sweet. This type of Matcha is also popular among high-end tea ceremonies.

Most types of Matcha have Japanese origin. Thus not many people know what Chinese Matcha tastes like. Unlike Japanese Matcha, Chinese Matcha leaves are usually roasted instead of steamed. 

This process makes the Matcha a bit smokey. So if you are a tea drinker who prefers comparatively more strong toasted or more robust flavors, Chinese Matcha could be their next favorite beverage.

What makes green tea taste bitter?

  1. Water

Although green tea is naturally a tad bitter, if the bitterness gets too overpowering, there could be things that you are doing wrong. 

First off, it could be because you are using the wrong water. Distilled or tap water is not recommended for tea brewing. 

Mainly, chemicals and minerals can react with the chemical compounds in green tea, causing it to get sour and bitter.  Not to mention, distilled water does not release flavors in a weak tea. So, you should instead use filtered, pure, or spring water to make for your healthy morning beverage.

  1. Steeping and boiling time

Usually, the main culprits of lousy tea are steeping time and temperature. If green teas are brewed at a much higher temperature, they get bitter. 

That is because the polyphenols begin to release too rapidly.  On the other hand, increasing steeping time is often linked with better flavors. 

  1. Quality of tea leaves

Poor quality green tea leaves are also one of the chief reasons for foul taste. If you are too particular about the flavor notes, you should buy loose tea over tea bags. That is because tea bags also contain fannings and dust from the leaves. Whereas loose green tea is less bitter, it is also abundant in antioxidants and minerals.

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