How to Build a More Eco Conscious Flower Business

How to Build a More Eco Conscious Flower Business

Environmental sustainability is a new trend in business-but what is it and how can it help your business? Concerning the environment, this means incorporating practices that do not directly or inadvertently damage the planet or reduce the abundance of natural resources. 

A sustainable enterprise consumes less and reuses more. For you, the business owner, the advantage of eco-consciousness is that eliminating waste and reducing consumption is good for your business, which can attract customers and save money. Here are some simple ways your flower business can start the journey to become more sustainable.

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Source Local 

The largest contribution to the carbon footprint of flower shops can be attributed to the water, energy, and gas used to transport flowers from the farm to the customer. A sustainable florist should choose to purchase flowers that are not used in high-energy greenhouses and transported shorter distances. This means choosing a local grower to plant seasonal flowers to reduce energy costs associated with shipping and cooling. In the season when flowers must be imported, choose fair trade flowers with environmental certification.

Reuse Vases 

Whether your business uses plastic or glass vases to sell flowers to customers, these containers can be easily reused. A sustainable flower shop can implement a vase recovery plan, where consumers returning to a vase gets a small discount on the next purchase. Aiming like this reduces waste, saving money to buy new vases, and lets customers come back to buy more flowers. In order to be sustainable, the vase can be recovered continuously in the case of returning the vase to you. This means that the glass can be recycled without constant recycling with a plastic replacement of glass. 

Get Rid of Floral Foam

Floral Foam is very common in many flower shops. However, this foam is harmful to the environment and the interactive customers and employees. This is because foam is a known carcinogen. In addition, the foam made from phenol and formaldehyde is essentially a petroleum-based plastic product. People are worried that the foam in landfills or sewers may have a potentially toxic impact on the environment.

Reduce Energy Use

Refrigerating flowers is a key component in keeping them looking fresher, however, this kind of refrigeration has a high energy cost and contributes to the carbon footprint associated with the flowers. An easy way to reduce energy consumption and energy bills is to switch to energy-efficient appliances. 

In addition, many flower refrigerators have lights to display flowers to customers. Using brighter and more energy-saving LED lights can better display flowers and reduce costs. These lights can be used in refrigerators and retail spaces. 


The advantage of selling flowers is that the product itself is naturally biodegradable. One way to be a sustainable florist is to reuse all unused organic materials in a compost bin. Recycle the remaining arrangements, flower cuttings, and flowers that may be too damaged or imperfect retail. If you are a florist who grows your own flowers, use this compost as a humus fertilizer to nourish your next batch of flowers. If you only buy from growers, provide your flower compost as fertilizer to your growers, local farms, or to your employees to use in their own private gardens. Reusing flowers to grow more flowers is the definition of sustainable business practices.

These are the measures to implement to make your flower business a sustainable one. For any type of flower sale, you can always connect with us. 

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