How Mixing Rap Vocals Can Take Your Rapping Skills To The Next Level

How Mixing Rap Vocals Can Take Your Rapping Skills To The Next Level

Rapping is a unique talent, which exhibits creativity and innovation in this genre of singing style in the music industry. But not all rappers possess the art of integrating variations in their rap vocals to make the song sound more interesting for the listeners. 

With the help of certain impeccable tools, artists can get their rhymes in proper places and in time. Therefore, you will find many rappers experimenting with this crafty art of blending and mixing rap vocals to create great sound pieces that are record hits. 

So, even if someone’s rapping skills are not that great, knowing how to mix vocals can eliminate imperfections and create a good beat. However, it is essential to understand the real reason why rappers prefer to mix vocals before you focus on the mixing technique. 

Why do Professionals Choose to Mix Rap Vocals to Improve their Rapping Style?

People often assume that rapping doesn’t require much effort, as it’s all about expressing thoughts in form of lyrics. But, some serious practice hours and proper mixing strategies are quite important for generating good rap music. 

As per my observation, many leading rappers are doing an outstanding job as they have tools to get their rap vocals mixed. After knowing their secrets I am sure that literally, anybody can become a rapper by following certain rules and effective resources for vocal mixing. 

But before I reveal those rules of mixing vocals for your rap, let me explain what makes a professional rapper choose this trend.


Some rappers find it hard to connect to their real emotions when they start to rap. This is quite common when the rapping is done in front of a huge crowd or other thoughts are keeping them preoccupied. 

Now, if the artists don’t connect with their emotions, listeners won’t be able to enjoy the raps as it will prevent them from feeling the lyrics. This is why it is very important to convey your true emotion in the rap, so people can feel them as well. 

Therefore, mixing rap vocals enables the rappers to edit and/or include certain emotions to generate music that can connect with all. It can help you join together those pieces where the lyrics come out naturally for the raps. 

Voice Projection

When it comes to rapping like a professional, projection of your voice is a vital aspect for composing the piece. Hence, good lyrics alone can’t provide the depth and value to your raps until your voice come out properly. 

To avoid certain situations where your audience can’t identify the lyrics due to poor voice projection factors, vocal mixing can be a great solution. Besides, selecting the right voice mixers can make your raps sound confident and clear.


Sometimes, every track may feel the same, if the flow of lyrics and their delivering styles keep repeating. This is why many professional rappers succeed to create their unique image because of adopting flexibility in their rapping style. 

Hence, to prevent your listeners from getting bored of your raps, make sure you aren’t rapping in the same manner in every performance. Also, you can modify the vocals in your raps by including lyrics with diverse tempos and speeds. 

Tips to Mix your Vocals for the Raps

  • Try including important vocals in the early stage of mixing and maintain the order in which you mix the track.
  • Always mix vocals that sound great in context and don’t enable the solo button to shape them. 
  • Make use of the pre-delay feature for separating reverb from the dry vocal by keeping a small delay in between.
  • Select the appropriate de-esser tool for controlling the sibilance without lowering the presence and clarity of the raps.
  • Try not to use fast attack times and compression while mixing vocals without proper research or knowledge.

Moreover, mixing rap vocals allows the rapper to filter out all types of distracting sounds including rumbles, clicks, lip smacks, pops, and breathing noises.