So you want to know how do you style a thick oversized sweater? You’ve probably seen them in Jenni Kayne coupon stores. They are so popular that you can find them just about anywhere. And that’s the problem. Most people can’t find the proper style. So how do you style one of these sweaters without messing it up?

Large & Bulky Sweater

I’ll start by describing what a thick oversized sweater looks like. It is simply a large and bulky sweater worn as outerwear. They tend to come with a collar or some other type of fastening around the neck, and they can be left open or closed. Some even feature buttons, zippers or even a zipper insert!

Outdoor Dinner Party

There are plenty of reasons why someone would wear one of these sweaters. For instance, maybe you’ve been invited to an outdoor dinner party. You’ve spent several hours preparing your meal, and now it’s time to dine in the town. To avoid looking like a deer in headlights, you wrap up the thick fabric around your body and have your meal before taking a sip of your alcoholic drink. This may seem a little silly, but you will get over it once you get home and enjoy your meal.

Lightweight Sweater

Another reason to own a thick oversized sweater is to keep warm during those cold winter months. A lightweight sweater can keep you warm for hours, and you don’t have to worry about getting chilly while doing the things you want to do. Plus, they are so fashionable these days that they don’t even look like clothing. You may be wearing a t-shirt and jeans when you pick up your sweater, but it will still look nice.

How do you style a thick oversized sweater? The first thing you will need is a large blanket. The wider the shirt, the more you need to use the blanket. Also, you’ll want to take off your sweater before putting it on because you don’t want your sweat marks showing.

Take your Sweater & Lay it Flat

Next, take your sweater and lay it flat. You want to have something sturdy to hold it up, but you also want to make sure the base isn’t too high or low. Then, take scissors and cut out the pockets. Then, take some safety pins and put them inside the bags, so they aren’t visible.

Now it’s time to pin up your sweater! You want to make sure you pin it from the front to lay flat and that the show isn’t too long or too short. You also want to make sure your armhole isn’t too wide or too narrow. After that, you’ll repeat the steps for the other side, and you’ll never have to worry about taking your sweater off again!

Fashionable Pieces

So, how do you style a thick oversized sweater? It’s simple! Just play with the ideas above, and you’ll never have to worry about wearing the same sweater every day. And best of all, your old oversized sweater can be turned into a unique new fashionable piece when you know how to style it right.

So, how do you style a bulky sweater then? You’ll use the same ideas as in the previous example. When pinning your shirt up, use safety pins to keep everything in place. And then, use your hands to smooth out the edges of your sweater.

Latest Trends for Women

Now, you can throw on the latest trends for women. Choose some bright, bold, and pretty patterns like a stripe or polka dot. Or, go with a classic favourite like a mocha or paisley print. There are so many ways to jazz up plain sweaters, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the look you want. All you need is just a few bucks and a few hours to spare.

How do you style a thick sweater? Use these tips and tricks the next time you need to dress up in an oversized coat or sweater. Then, you’ll be glad you did!


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