How do I determine the scrap value of my car? The easiest way to do this is to look at it in person. It will cost you a small fee to have a car valuer (or insurance company representative) visit your car to take a look at it, but it’s worth it. There are so many factors that go into determining the value of a vehicle that it would be foolish to drive off with a low estimate without knowing the true value. When determining the value of cash for scrap car, the following are some things that can be looked at:

Type of Metalwork

The paint on your car. If you have any body work that may have been done to your car, such as a chipped paint job, this will affect its value. Any type of metalwork on the car, such as license plate frames, may also have to be determined. Look over your car and take a close look at all of it. Any metal parts such as wheels or rims that show signs of rust will need to be removed before you put it on paper. If you notice any dents in the interior or overall condition of your car, they may need to be taken out as well.

Look at the tires. If you are still able to see them, they will probably not be worth very much. You shouldn’t have to go to great lengths to test this, so don’t worry if you can’t see them. Take a wheel sample with you to the valeting shop and let them look at it. If you have a newer model, then you should have a much easier time getting a good idea of what the actual value of the tire is.

Check for Body Filler

This is a common problem that happens in many older cars. Sometimes the filler that’s used to fill in cracks and crevices wears away over time, leaving just a dent or two. You can easily check for body filler by placing the car in a well-lit area. Give it a couple of pulls on the chassis to give it a good scrape. There should be a decent amount of metal showing where body filler has been placed.

How to Determining the Scrap Value

The interior of a car, including upholstery, will make a big difference in determining the scrap value. Many people neglect the interior when it comes to looking at the car, and that’s a big mistake. Just about every part of a car can be examined, from the steering wheel to the dash to even the smell of fresh coffee from when you sat down last.

Check for damage to the interior of the car. Even if the car has never been in an accident, it can develop small tears or dents in its surface. These dents and tears will lower the amount of money it would have if it were sold. Even small dents and scratches can be a problem if they’re on the dashboard. Scrutinize the inside of your car carefully to determine the extent of damage and any signs of repair.

  • Once you’ve determined the amount of metal present, you can use a meter or some other device to determine the scrap value of your car.
  • This process may take several hours or a day, depending on the condition of your car. Have patience and go through all of the steps to properly calculate the amount of metal present.
  • If you find any metal objects on the car, do not worry. Most cars do not have to undergo such treatments to determine their value.

Last Words

A car is a depreciating asset. That’s why it’s so important to know how do I determine the scrap value of my car? Just one scrap can cost you thousands of dollars! It only makes sense to protect yourself against this depreciating asset by knowing how do I determine the scrap value of my car. This information is definitely worth spending the time to learn.


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