With iPhone owners rushing to get their batteries to change, stand-by records at the Apple Genius Bar have been getting longer by the time. But if you are not ready to wait, you can really change the battery yourself.

Having the right kit to replace the battery

If you are ready to fix the battery of your iPhone all by yourself you have to make sure that you are having the right kit for the replacement. There is a big need for the right kit because the tools you are going to use for the replacement without it you can not perform your task in the right way.

The screws and the connectors

The hardware and gathering inside an iPhone are quite serious, and a few mistakes can be truly troublesome. In any case, with regards to replacing the battery, you’ll for the most part be managing screws and connectors, with a smidgen of adhesive. Nothing that you’ll be handling is welded down or for a lifetime linked with anything, so you can put the soldering iron and other heavy-duty tools. With respect to the adhesive, the battery is secured with the use of 3M Command Strip-Esque adhesive, which can cause headaches, if you accidentally  break them while you are in the process. There is some adhesive around the edge holding down the screen assembly on the latest iPhones, however, a bit of applied heat to extricate it up makes the work somehow simpler. Other than that, you simply have screws holding down the battery connector cover, just as the screen assembly cover. When those things are eliminated, you just fly off the connectors to the screen assembly and the battery.

Some steps can be risky

In the first place, on the off chance that you have an iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone, you’ll need to apply some warmth around the edge of the mobile to mollify the adhesive that sticks the screen to the remainder of the mobile. Concerning the iPhone 6s, it has a limited quantity of adhesive around the edge, yet insufficient to require heat (despite the fact that it wouldn’t do any harm). The iPhone 6 and more latest doesn’t have any adhesive around the edge.

Beginning with the iPhone 7, Apple started waterproofing its iPhones by redesigning the adhesive seal around the edge. When you break that seal, you’ll actually have the option to reassemble the iPhone without an issue, yet the seal around the edge will at this point be waterproof. Fortunately, you can purchase adhesive and can replace the seal on the off chance that you need to keep the waterproofing, however, it’s not needed using any and all means, and there’s no assurance like you’d get from the real Apple administration. With respect to the glue holding the battery down, there are tabs at the base that you gradually pull on to eliminate the adhesive strips, it is much the same while eliminating a 3M Command Strip. The only issue is that they’re amazingly thin and easy to break, particularly when they get snagged on a close-by piece of metal.

Take your time to do the research and follow the directions

Replacing the battery in your iPhone unquestionably isn’t simple, yet it’s positively feasible. What’s more, it certainly doesn’t need an affirmed proficiency with long stretches of involvement. However as long you take as much time to do research (like perusing the aides and watching the went with recordings) and simply follow the directions, you can replace the battery in your iPhone without an issue. Furthermore, obviously, a tad of assurance goes far. After you effectively do it once, it gets simpler the following time. Before long you’ll be supplanting every one of your loved ones’ iPhone batteries and may even turn into your town’s nearby saint.

Replacing an iPhone battery is a lot more complicated for so many people who don’t know much about mobile phone dynamics. It is better for people who are not aware of the iPhone specifications to go for a professional to help them out. We are offering professional assistance for iPhone repair in Regina, which can help you out to replace your battery without any hassle.


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