Does Steaming Clothes Remove Wrinkles?

Does Steaming Clothes Remove Wrinkles?

Is steaming clothes a way of taking care of wrinkles? I was asked that very question by a customer the other day. She is getting ready for her wedding in July and asked me if she should use a steamer to shrink clothes before her big day. She wonders if it will be uncomfortable on her big day. She has already been in the water pool and found out that it is not uncomfortable but very hot, and she says she would not want to wear that kind of clothing under their sun on her big day.


She wonders if using a Best garments steamer removes wrinkles? Well, one of the advantages of using a handheld steamer rather than a larger, more powerful home appliance steamer such as a hair dryer or curling iron is that the handheld steamer directs a very fine stream of hot steam onto your clothing. It can be very uncomfortable to be wrapped up in a big shirt or skirt with tight collars until the steamer takes care of it.

Steamer Designed

 In fact, one of the advantages of the garment steamer is that it gets rid of wrinkles. That is what the handheld garment steamer is designed to do. What happens is that the tiny creases in your clothing become steam, which warms the fibers. The fine lines disappear and you look and feel like you just stepped off the runway.

Conflicting Information

Now, there is some conflicting information about whether or not the heat from a steamer actually makes the garments wrinkle less quickly. Some people claim that it is true and some people claim that it is false. It really depends on how the ironing goes and how your skin reacts. A lot of people who have tried the ironing easier alternatives to the garment steamers say that it is easier and it does take off the wrinkles.There are some other things that you should know about this item. First, you will notice that you do not get too much lint. With the cold iron, the lint usually comes out and it can also be smeared all over your ironing easier. However, when you use the garment steamer and you hang your garment up on a hanger, it is much easier to remove the lint from your clothes because it is hanging up on the hanger and not the garment steamer.

The second thing you should know is that this type of ironing actually dries out the creases of your clothes and this makes them softer and thus, wrinkles become less noticeable. What most users of garment steamers do not know is that the creases are actually dried out by the heating water molecules and not by heat from the steamer. The creases become very puffy and they remain that way until they are ironed with a regular iron. Therefore, does steaming clothes remove wrinkles?

Best Possible Results

The last thing I would like to clear up is this: yes, this type of ironing works very well for removing wrinkles. If you want the best possible results and you want to achieve them quickly, then this is definitely the way to go. When you use a hand-held component connected to a heating element and you hang the garment over a steamer and press the hot steam onto the clothing, you will immediately see how the wrinkles and the fine lines on your clothing become less noticeable. If you do it right, there will even be an improvement on the quality of the clothing.


You might be asking yourself now, does steaming clothes remove wrinkles? It definitely helps but it is not the best method to use because the wrinkles are already there and even if you get them removed, the creases are likely to come back. This is why we recommend using a hand-held steamer made especially for this kind of work. You can easily buy one from any home improvement store and you will surely find one that fits your needs perfectly.