Can One Chew Gum With Braces?

Can One Chew Gum With Braces?

People have lots of reservations about getting braces. The most common thought that keeps people from getting braces is the possible dietary confinements. After getting braces, biting into fresh fruits, munching snacks, and chewing sticky candies almost becomes a thing of the past. The worst part comes when an individual is hit by the prospect of never indulging in chewing gum.

It has been estimated that an average person likes to chew hundreds of gums every year. Given the statistics, it is hard to fathom that so many people would give up such a breath-freshening treat just to straighten their teeth. Thus, many people ask an emergency dentist in Leicester if they are allowed to chew gums with braces on.

If you are also curious to have a definitive answer, just keep reading on. In this blog, we would go over the details of chewing gums during your alignerco orthodontic treatment.

  1. Can one chew gum with their braces?

The answer to the question mentioned above depends on who you are asking.

Chewing certain kinds of gums is beneficial for your oral health. For instance, healthy chewing gum can increase saliva production and can help you flush debris out of your mouth. Since a lot of adults and kids have untreated cavities, this benefit holds a significant value. Some people would even suggest that chewing gum can ebb away the pain and help your teeth to move into the place much faster.

However, it is still incumbent to abstain from chewy foods while going through orthodontic treatment. Hence, despite the perks mentioned earlier, many orthodontists would advise their patients to bid farewell to their chewing gums habit once for all. 

Mainly, sweet gums tend to stick with the metallic hardware and damage the brackets and wires in the braces. Consequently, this delays your treatment and even renders the patient to go for an extra repair.

  1. Is there a specific gum that you could chew with braces?

If you are obsessed with chewing gum, you might find it almost impossible to kick gums out of your life. Thus, it is more prudent to take one step at a time. Instead of chewing all kinds of gums, you should only try those that are devoid of any natural sugar.

The first and the most understandable reason is that gums with fundamental sugar particles are too sticky and thus very difficult to clean out of one’s braces.

Secondly, sugars tend to adhere for much longer on human teeth, which end up developing cavities behind or near the brace areas.

Thus, no matter how you are craving chewing, you ought to only buy sugar-free gums. Sugar-free gums are not just less sticky. They also help to improve one’s oral regime.

  1. How to remove gum stuck on your braces?

If you continue to chew sugary gums despite your orthodontist’s advice, you are likely to find yourself in a highly problematic situation. Since the most common aftermath is having gum stuck on the teeth, most people wonder what the remedy would be.

To fix such a problem, one is firstly advised to brush their teeth gently with slightly warm water. The heat in the water would gradually break down the bonds in the gum and thus make it easier for you to clean it all off. While applying this technique, you should make sure the water isn’t too hot and that you are not scrubbing it all too vigorously. Otherwise, you risk damaging your brackets.

There is another famous technique to alleviate this problem, and it is called the floss method. As the name suggests, you need to floss the areas between your teeth. Doing so would loosen the sticky gum on the edge or wire behind your bracket. Once you have gotten rid of all the gum, rinse your mouth with water and swish away all the particles.

What is the bottom line?

To sum it all, under some conditions, you can chew gum with braces. However, it is still ideal to consult your orthodontist as every oral condition is not the same. Keep in mind that ideally, every orthodontist would advise you against chewing gums. If you still cannot get rid of your habit, make sure your gums are all sugar-free, and you are brushing after chewing every gum.