All Essential Things to Know About Smoothies

All Essential Things to Know About Smoothies

Are smoothies healthy? Can smoothies substitute in place of a meal? To opt for smoothies or not is a big decision to make. Why? Well, anything you decide to eat is an impactful move for maintaining good health.

Now, we are pretty sure that smoothies are something that you’ve heard about. The goodness of Smoothies Montreal or in several other locations has been talked about popularly. But are they really good for you to choose for maintaining good health? Do they really help you in weight loss?

Well, if you have these questions in your head related to smoothies then look nowhere else. Here we have covered some of the essential things related to smoothies that will clear all your queries about it. Keep reading till the end to find out.

There’s right way to make Smoothies healthy

You can blend any of the ingredients that you want to make it into a smoothie. However, what you put in your smoothie determines the healthy factor. Also, there is a right way to make your smoothies healthy.

The key thing to follow for making your smoothies healthy is to hit the right balance of fruits, veggies, fat and proteins. Experts say that when you make smoothies adding all the nutrients equally then it can be a great substituting meal option for breakfast or snack.

You can include protein in your smoothie by adding in nuts and seeds like chia, flax, nut milk, plain yogurt, etc. Fat is also an important nutrient that you need to include in your smoothie. Adding fat not only makes your smoothies healthy but also makes them filling.

Can fruit smoothies be considered to be healthy?

Even though fruits are deemed to be healthy ingredients as they are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, Smoothies made purely out of fruits can become rich in sugars. Since the fruits are also sources of hyper-concentrated sugars.

Therefore, having a smoothie made only of fruits cannot really be considered healthy. This is why it is important to balance out the smoothie ingredients with equal amounts of vegetable items as well. Add veggies rich in fibre, calcium, essential vitamins and more nutrients. Kale, spinach are some of the options that you can add in your fruit smoothies.

Can you substitute your meal with a smoothie?

While it is perfectly okay to replace your meal with a smoothie, however, it is of utmost importance that your smoothies contain a combination of ingredients that are similar to your meal. Experts say that making a smoothie only with fruits cannot be considered a meal.

Smoothies can only be replaced for a meal when your smoothies contain all of the nutrients in equal amounts. For standard guide to make a healthy smoothie that can substitute your meal, make sure to follow these –

–        1-2 tbsp. of Fat

–        1 cup of protein rich ingredients

–        1 cup of fruits

–        A handful of green leafy vegetables or veggies


Smoothies are a great way to switch to a healthy dietary habit. If you are someone that doesn’t like munching on veggies or fruits then smoothies are a great choice to go for. However, make sure that you make your smoothies Montreal healthy by adding equal amounts of nutrients.