Whether you smoke weed or not, we are pretty sure that you have heard numerous myths about weed. There’s a lot of stigma around the use of weed and most of them are not justified. However, it’s time to clear up your mind and sort out the rumours.

If you are willing to buy weed and cannot make up your mind because of these undeserving myths, we are here to clear things out. We have listed out some of the most overrated myths about weed and debunked them with hardcore facts.

Keep on reading to bust out myths and learn some facts about weed now.

Myth #1 Smoking weed can cause Cancer

Fact: Yes! Smoke from weed just like cigarette smoke contains carcinogens. However, even the hardcore weed smokers do not inhale enough of this substance to cause cancer. In fact, a 2006 study conducted in UCLA stated that even the heavy pot use does not lead up to causing cancer.

The study outcomes mentioned that there was no association between cancer and the use of marijuana. So, if this is the myth that is stopping you to try out weed then fret no more. As there have been no findings of weed causing cancer.

Myth #2 All weed gives you similar high

Fact: The fact is that there are primarily two types of plants from where the weed is churned i.e., Sativa and Indica. Some even offer hybrids that possess the effects of both. While sativa is claimed to give you a psychoactive effect.

 The Indica is known for producing relaxed, calming and sedated feeling. While there is no proof to certify the difference between the two. It is really the THC level that affects differently from person to person.

The high you get from weed depends on the way you process the THC levels.

Myth #3 You can’t OD on weed

Fact: The truth is that you can OD on weed but the result of OD won’t be fatal. You need to understand the context of Overdose (OD) before you jump to conclusions. Overdose means when you consumed more than the recommended amount of the substance.

If you OD on weed, these are the things that you’ll suffer from –

–        Dizziness

–        Anxiety

–        Palpitation (which may accompany with chest pain)

–        Paranoia

–        Hallucinations

–        Blood pressure spike

–        Pale skin

Therefore, the next time you smoke weed make sure to keep a check on your consumption after all you want to enjoy the high it gives you instead of suffering the discomfort caused by OD.

Myth #4 Weed is not addictive

Fact: It totally is. Now, we understand why this myth surfaced as not many people have shown withdrawal symptoms. But the thing is, weed does not cause aggressive withdrawal symptoms like other addictive substances like opioids.

However, weed does have an addictive element which is related to the THC. Regular weed consumption makes your body adjusted to the incursion of THC. The result is that the receptors of your brain are desensitized.

When THC is abruptly removed from your system, your body requires time for resensitizing the receptors. Now, this causes withdrawal symptoms such as disrupted sleep cycle, mood swings, cravings, irritability and more.


The above enumerated myths are some of the most common dilemmas that revolve around weed. Now, before you jump into conclusions and totally disregard the idea to buy weed and use it, make sure to know the facts and then decide for yourself.


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